Construction Observation Services

Responsive Service

Observing and testing the geotechnical aspects of site development during foundation installation and grading are an important aspect of our geotechnical work.  We verify that grading and foundation installation is being completed per plan and building department requirements.  If conditions exposed during construction are different than expected, we work with the contractor and design team to achieve economical ways to achieve the project requirements.


Our field personnel are responsive, well trained, and capable of giving guidance as needed to achieve the project requirements.  Contact our field supervisor, Benoit Brisbois, to schedule site visits.  

Foundation Installation Observation

• Footings and Basement Excavations

• Drilled Piers

• Tiebacks and Soil/Rock Anchors

• Driven Piles

• Indicator Pile Driving and Evaluation


Observation and Testing of Grading

• Nuclear Density Testing

• Structural Fills and Embankments

• Utility Trench Backfill

• Basement and Retaining Wall Backfill

• Capillary Barrier Review

• Soil Stabilization

• Pavement and Base Rock

• Landslide Mitigation and Repair

• Drainage and Subdrains

Laboratory Testing

• Compaction Curves (ASTM/Caltrans)

• Plasticity, Expansion, Moisture Density Tests

• Shear Strength Tests

• Unconfined Compressive Strength Tests

• Consolidation Testing

• Expansion Index

• Corrosion Testing

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